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Stick Double Dragon

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Published: Aug. 26,2013 Tags: Matchstick Men   Double   Grapple   Action

Intro: Dominated the match after nuclear war star city street violence over the years, organized crime and the dark forces growing, however, two abnormal brave young man decided to challenge all of this, the two protagonists are called Billy Lee (Billy Lee) and Li Ji meters (Jimmy Lee), Billy and Li Ji li meters are twin brothers, martial arts dojo, kung fu, high strength, subordinate to the genre called double cut punch, they called the twins double dragon.


P1: [W][A][S][D]:move;[J]:attack;[K]:jump;[J]+[K]:Leg rotation; P2:[↑][↓][←][→]:move;[1]:attack;[2]:jump; [1]+[2]:Leg rotation.

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