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Final Fight 3

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Published: Jun. 29,2013 Tags: Grapple   Double   Action

Intro: New 3 is a very classic red, white and a fast-paced arcade game, fast-paced series is representative of the clear version of the action game, in the arcade of the popular, frank operation, cool ZXC, make it become one of the iconic work clear version action swim this transplantation with SFC a fast-paced game 3, is the most excellent works of literature and art, like friends come and challenge.


1P:Use [W][A][S][D] to move around the world;[J]:attack;[I]:skill;[K]:jump; 2P:Use ARROW KEYS [↑][↓][←][→] to move around the world;[1]:attack;[5]:skill;[2]:jump.

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