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Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

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Published: Jul. 03,2013 Tags: Matchstick Men   Double   Grapple   Action

Intro: Play adapted from CBS and pored over 1993 Xenozoic Tales, hit the stage set by classic business subject matter - the dinosaur in dinosaurs and human coexistence of 26 centuries in this work, the role of props much reinforcement, has been all gun props have ammunition, the concept of ammunition can only as a one-off finished throwing props, can even get the Boss's weapons to counter like the barrel type container item is no longer just to get some of this items be smashed, they can be lift up throwing out the game version to match people.


P1:[W][A][S][D]:move;[J]:attack;[K]:jump. P2:[↑][↓][←][→]:move;[End]:attack;[PageDown]:jump.

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