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Car Carrier 2 Trailer

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Published: Nov. 15,2013 Tags: Car   Driving   Skill   Sports

Intro: The car carrier trailer is very useful because all the broken cars can get on it and be taken to the car service. Use your arrow keys to drive your car and your space bar to brake and first take it to the bank where you will have to withdraw money that you can use to pay the car carrier. When parked in front of the bank use you Z key several times until you get all the money out. Then continue driving and get in the back of the car carrier. You will have to be very careful not to crash into anything along the way because you might damage your car and lose the level. There are three cars that you have to get in the back of the car carrier and then drive the truck out of town in order to win this game. Also you have to hurry up and complete your mission before the time runs out. In the bottom left corner of your screen you can see your damage bar and your timer and in the bottom right corner of the screen you can see your current level. There are eight amazing levels available for you to try out. Have a wonderful time!


Use ADWS or ARROW KEYS [↑][↓][←][→] to move around the world.[space]:braking.[Z]:In the money in the bank.

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