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Zombie War Stars hacked

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Published: Apr. 24,2013 Tags: Zombie   Emigrated   Hacked  

Intro: Zombie star war invincible version: press the 4 key figures invincible, press 5 HP recovery value, press the 6 key to increase money, press 8 increase experience, press the 9 key increase base life when under attack (required), press the zero key to strengthen the equipment in the game, war is heated at the front, the enemy firepower fierce, powerful attack let us a bit hard to resist, superior assigned to you for this and a few elite warriors, as cs team, bypass the defense against the enemy stronghold commanding elevation, but this means that must go through that horrible zombie horde! As a soldier, obey is the first duty, cs team but also bear the responsibility to reverse the war situation, the outcome is at risk, you can succeed.


[W][A][S][D]:move,[Q]:change,[4]:Character is invincible,[5]:HP recovery value,[6]:Increase Money,[0]:dnf.

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