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Snail Bob 5: Love Story Game on Phyfun Games

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Published: Nov. 15,2013 Tags: Emigrated   Skiil   Puzzle

Intro: Snail Bob series is too popular, to challenge the first five version again right now. This is not a snail Bob to find the story of the house, but to tell the story of it looking for love. Snail Bob is now have a beautiful house, but always feel a little less what, sometimes want to find a you love to talk to all have no, and it also feel have grown up, is to suit the age to fall in love. So it decided to hit the road again, fighting for their own love. Now it needs you to help it well, because it will have a lot of obstacles along the way. Let us bless the snail Bob, wish it to find your love at an early date.


Played with the mouse. [1]:Off course;[2]:Tunnel Rat;[space]:stop.

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