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Sgt. Mayhem

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Published: Jan. 07,2013 Tags: War   Action   Shooting

Intro: Help sgt. mayhem kill all his enemies in one of three awesome missions. use your mouse to aim your enemies and shoot them, your wasd keys to move, the space bar to go to the shop and buy upgrades and if you roll the cursor over the hero you will use the dagger. you can also use the f key to throw grenades and the q key to swap weapons. you can also use the number keys for that. you can also use special powers, like the c key for a body guard with shield, the z key for two body guards with weapons and the z key to use auto firing for a while. you can also pick power ups like health, ammo, life, money and grenades. you can see your health bar, money and armor in the bottom part of the screen and the weapons in the upper part. have a great time!


Use WSAD to move around the world.Use the mouse to shooting.

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