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Race Truck 3

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Published: Nov. 09,2013 Tags: Car   Driving   Skill   Sports

Intro: Angry truck 3, still is the rage of the hero, is still a wild game style hot weather, even the air strike rest depend! Our protagonist crazy, driving more crazy truck furious to the supermarket.Hit the truck when people said that, in a car crash, afraid of turbulence explosion, even can also play our country, it is not a truck, it is with god but god also has weaknesses, on this rugged mountain,don't be overturned oh, once have run out of the red bar at the top right of the interface and the truck would explode it can arrived safely at the supermarket, depends on you.


Use ADWS or ARROW KEYS [↑][↓][←][→] to move around the world.[space]:change direction.

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