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Lurseo treasure 2V1.3.4

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Published: Sep. 26,2014 Tags: TD   Strategy   Relaxation

Intro: This update is to optimize the game, the bug fixed part of the task system and skills, improve the balance of the game, the game will be improved Defend the diamond treasure 2 continuously updated, pirate battle, three new levels, players will with crazy pirates Parrot angry monkeys and hungry for a blow out of the battle! New version picture maximum amplitude of beautification, tower defense system is also more optimized, the orcs, ghost (undead), devil three mysterious force guarding the ancient treasures, pirates or a hero, as long as it is mercenary people to the treasure But the treasure was under a curse, under your control, can let the treasure hunters have to go back This tower defense game, a rare only provides three basic turret, respectively, can be built on the grass, mountains, desert three types of terrain.


Played with the mouse.[1]:Build bow and arrow tower;[2]:Building electric magic tower;[3]:Building fire magic tower;[Q]:Quick cut down a tree;[space]:expedite.

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