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Barbie Winter House Cleaning

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Published: Jan. 12,2015 Tags: Barbie   Clean   Hidden   Challenge   Relaxation

Intro: Barbie loves winter season. When winter comes she will rejoice and thank the Lord God who made heaven and earth. During winter she will have relatives. This would double her happiness. As usual she will have relatives tomorrow. The parents and the siblings have decided to put their heads together in decorating the house in a grand manner. Barbie is given the responsibility of cleaning the house spick and span. Barbie will be glad if you lend your helping hand to her. Rearrange things and place them where they were. You have only a few minutes left. The relatives are on the way. so, see to that you complete the work before they come. Pick the waste items and place them in the garbage. The family of Barbie and Barbie are thankful to you for joining them.


Played with the mouse.

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