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Barbie Laundry For Her Baby

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Published: Dec. 24,2014 Tags: Barbie   Relaxation

Intro: Girls ,do you know that Barbie and Ken have their baby ? Can they take care of their baby? Barbie gave birth to a baby after they married for two years. They are very happy and Ken has a great affection for the baby. He often helps Barbie to take care of the baby .They’re very happy. Now the baby is two years old and they often take the baby to children’s park .Every time ,the baby plays very happy ,but she always makes her clothes dirty ,and Barbie has to wash all the baby clothes by herself. Now, the baby wants to help her mother do some housework and wash the clothes .Oh, It’s the first time that the baby washes clothes. Can she complete the task? Let’s help the baby to finish it .


Played with the mouse.

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